Workshops & Trainings

Caring & Successful community just doesn't happen automatically.
The skills must be learned.
Our workshops provide a nurturing path to
understanding what community really can be
and how you can help to create the community you desire.

To start with, here are a couple of comments made by long term residents of an intentional community, after their community had a series of problematic internal conflicts and had Eric come to their location to give a  Community Building Workshop:

"After living in an intentional community for 5 years, it took this
workshop, and a willingness to commit to this process, to finally experience community within myself and then the experience of true intimate community with others."

"I would recommend it to friends who talk about building or doing "community" as though it were easy and the first thing to do is buy enough land.  I'd suggest that perhaps they experience community first."


"I went to the conference to learn about soft technology, organic gardening and financing.  I learned that if there is communion between the hearts, all else will fall into place."

Rhea Monro               ..
Cambridge, England   ..
 "I can't imagine a more enabling experience for groups in almost any stage of forming a Co-Housing community than a Relationship / Community workshop such as those conducted by Eric Best."
Pat Denslow                 ..
Pasadena, California
Comments from a recent Dallas workshop
"As I gained an understanding of the process, the "truth" had the impact of an explosion as the benefits became apparent.  Since I came with the intuitive awareness that something momentous was brewing, I realized that this experience has revealed clearly WHO I am and WHAT my future holds.  I intend to make this a reality."

"A wonderful experience.  I now have the experience of community building and realize this is only the beginning of my journey."

"What was best about the workshop for me was the processes and your style of teaching/sharing."

"It was a very difficult and yet rewarding time.  I believe I'll be able to use this experience in building deeper, more meaning relationships  -- spiritual partnerships."

"What was best about this workshop for me was gaining an understanding that real community involves emotional honesty.  It is a very satisfying experience.  Feels like I am part of a family like the one I experienced in Colorado Springs."


  Real community is an extraordinary experience.   Something to be treasured and protected.  And at the same time it is something that many of us have never experienced nor had any guidance in how to really accomplish.  This workshop is an intrinsic part of our membership process and something we want to share.  It is something we have seen time and time again give great value to those searching for real community and an indepth connection with others.
        Before you buy land for community (and afterwards) let us help you in establishing "real" community among your friends and members.  Please contact us.   This community building process is a truly extraordinary, powerful and uplifting process.

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