Opportunities in The Mariposa Group


        Does this situation for you all too
        often translate into feeling like
        the saber tooth tiger

  is after you?

There is a way OUTof the crazy financial rat race !!

       Because of our "land and housing paid for" philosophy and it's resulting freedom from the usual immediately overbearing requirement of mortgage payments or rent forever; there is an extraordinary opportunity for most people to develope income producing ventures which are deeply satisfying and meaningful, while also producing more than enough income to live very comfortably.   ( See "Housing Opportunities" below. )

        We conduct "Community Building Workshops" for other communities, church groups, and other organizations in need of clearer and more loving relationships within their membership.  These workshops are both inspiring in what they give to others and at the same time, a good source of income for our members.
        Some of us are also involved in the Computer world.  We have a business organization which promotes web site developement, maintanence and hosting.  We also produce a software product for attorneys and law firms.  And we are anticipating creating more software products.  There are many business opportunities here.
        Others of us are independent service providers to the larger community, working in various capacities from nurses and health care researchers, to psychotherapists, to very skilled handy man and building services.

       It is constantly amazing (and uplifting) to see the creative and successful income producing ventures people create when the overbearing financial needs of a mortgage or outrageous rent are removed.

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        Getting the financial monkey off of our backs is a large key to both personal and relationship happiness.  We have a number of opportunities here which range from having your own room or suite of rooms in a large house, to building your own home, or to make use of a sweat equity approach with a very nice house project which will have you owning your own home as completely paid up!

        Here is an example of the sweat equity approach and its low costs.

        This 2 story house can be built here on the land for a cost of about $18,000 !!   It is unfinished on the inside.  But it is livable right off the bat.   Insulation, finishing of interior walls, electrical and plumbing have to be put in.  But here is a exterior finished house with 1280 square feet of space for $18,000 (that is $14 per square foot) which can be finished off on the inside at your speed and your inclination of 'do it yourself' or hiring others to finish it.
        There actually is a range of sizes available:

   Constructed with unfinished interior
Size        Sq. Footage                      Price
16'x 20'        640                        $11,317.00
16'x 28'        896                        $14,206.00
20'x 32'      1280                        $17,929.00
24'x 44'      2112                        $27,648.00

You can have secure property, paid up housing, and still have money left over from what you would otherwise spend simply for the typical down payment on a 30 year mortgage anywhere else!

LOCAL CONVENTIONAL HOUSE BUILDING   This is for for general interest in comparing tradition contracted house building here with nationalwide costs.  I have come across a  husband & wife house building team (they take on a job and subcontract out the various building parts to specialist contractors they apparently have known for years and trust) who seem to do fairly well around here.   Their cost for a turn key (put the key into the lock, open the house door, and everything is ready for you) new house construction is around $40 to $42 per square foot.
        ( I decided to do a quick check on the national average cost per square foot of new house building via a Google search.  Answer:  Approximately $80 to $100+ per square foot is the national average for new home construction.  Quite an advantage we have here just in terms of conventional building costs.  And the building costs if done not with contractors, but within the community; get even lower! )



        Also there is the opportunity to build from scratch here with the aid of other community members.   This approach can dramatically lower the cost of your paid up home AND at the same time, give you a tremendous sense of personal accomplishment along with incredible financial security.
        Check the rebar distances in the footings of the foundation.

Footings and rebar are ready.  Pour the concrete!


One foundation ready to build on !!


Your view

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        (If needed, the relevant zip codes
                          for our surrounding areas are 75503 and 75551)

"Work In Texas"
                            This website has taken the "want adds" from the news papers and put them on the web for both employers and prospective employees.  It uses the information provided at the workforce centers by both employers and prospective employees.  In the past this information was only available at the workforce centers.  Now anyone can access it from around the world.

        A REALITY CHECK  on Living Costs & the Lifestyle  we choose. It's designed primarily for youth who are facing (often unrealistically because of advertising and unconscious cultural pressures) living/work choices right out of highschool; but it presents a  useful perspective for all of us on how the traditional system works... or doesn't work !!   (We are doing much better here!)

Worker availability for new businesses:
        This website is designed to help new businesses asses the availability of prospective workers in an area as they begin setting up their business plan.

Texas Veterans Land Board  -   $80k land loan !     12/21/07

    There have been changes made in the Texas Veterans Land Board regulations, effective December 1st, 2007, including an $80K land loan.
    For more info, go to.....

        Reservists who served in the Six month active duty programs are apparently now eligable for the land loans as long as they did serve "90 consective days" of active duty, and have lived in Texas at least 12 months.

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