Tuition Policy for the
GateWay to Community Events:

GateWay 1   followed by  GateWay 2
(normally about 10 weeks after GW1)

Tuition   is  $625. for both retreat events.  There is an additional $100. discount in total tuition if you place a $350. deposit 6 weeks prior to the first of the two GateWay events, with the balance due by 4 weeks of the second event.  This will include for you the ten week internet connection at no charge.  Otherwise there is a $20 registration fee for the internet connection after attending the first event.  Tuition for attending only the first event is $325.  Then after attending the first event, you may sign up for the second GateWay for $325.

Tuition reduction:  Bring 2 full paying others, 50% off your own tuition.
 Bring 3 full paying others and you come tuition free.

Cancellation fee:   There is a $20. fee charged for all GW1 or GW2 cancellations which are announced by an attendee at least 45 days prior to the event.  Participants who cancel at least 45 days prior to the event, will be refunded their previously paid tuition (or deposit amount) minus $20.

Cancellation within 45 days of the event date:

                  There will be no refund of tuition fees paid by a potential attendee for cancellation of their scheduled attendence, except if they are able to find another full tuition paying person to take their place in the scheduled event.  A replacement person will create a full refund to the original signup person.
                  If a person cancels their pre-paid attendence at a GateWay event and is not able to find a replacement for their spot in the originally scheduled event, their pre-paid tuition amount will be available to be applied to the same type of fully attended event as the original event (i.e. GW1 or GW2) any time within one year after the original event's scheduled date.   After one year, unused tuition will expire and be forfeit.

Cancellation of a GateWay Event:    If a GateWay event is cancelled, all pre-paid tuitions for that event will be refunded in full without any fees.  If the attendee desires,  their tuition may be applied to the next upcoming GateWay event (GW1 or GW2 as appropriate).