"Please get yourself educated as quickly as you can.
 Don't get mixed up by the crossfire of information.
 The only way you'll get there is by doing your own thinking.
 So simply begin to dare, dare, dare.
 Listen to your own mind.
 It's now possible for life to be a success.
 For everybody."
                                             R. Buckminster Fuller

"Bucky" Fuller was the discoverer/'creator' of the geodesic dome.  He was an extraordinary man with many inventions and contributions far beyond the geodesic dome.  Bucky wrote a provocative book  "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth" and later directed a survey of all the earth's resources indicating that human kind had "more than enough" of what it needed not only to survive, but to live well within reason.  The challenge lay in distributing it among the world's people.  Before his death, for his contributions Bucky received the highest civilian award possible, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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