Characteristics of "REAL" Community Members

The general absence of FEAR,    particularly in the sense of having created a firm and stable foundation in the everyday world of financial security, companionship & sexual relationships, along with a strong sense of personal worth, self esteem and personal power.  In terms of interpersonal relationships this absence of fear involves the end of any destructive "Seduction into Competition".  The absence of fear also creates a wide array of different belief systems being accepted in others, while at the same time there is a clear demarcation or boundary present for those systems of thought & action which are not acceptable to the individual member.

A commitment to "Truth & Learning".     A strong and pleasing inquiry into life.  A realization that continued learning, that is integrated into one's being, is both an opportunity and indeed a necessity for life long development and joy.  The realization that truth is not a static item ever entirely owned by one person or one group; but is an ongoing process of realization,  It involves Exploring, Discovering, and Creating.... and perhaps is most effectively done in the context of "Benefiting All'.

High Personal Integrity:    Internal integration of the various aspects of personal history and experience, along with integration of the various levels of internal consciousness, has resulted in high levels of external integrity with others.

Systems thinking.    The capacity for 'large scale' thinking and consideration.  The realization that "life is complex" and comprised of many different elements, processes and levels of maturity.   In conjunction with the end of "Seduction into Competition", there emerges an understanding that "I can get more by cooperation, truth seeking, and synergy among my community partners, than I could ever achieve by isolating myself and trying to "dominate and/or win" over another.  My own happiness and well being starts to merge and intermingle more and more with the happiness and well being of others.

The realization of Paradox  as an increasingly prevalent aspect of life.  A simple example might well be the realization that there is no such thing as "Equality" among people, there is "Uniqueness"; and yet at the same time realizing that the most rewarding interaction path among people involves equality of opportunity for the full expression of the individual's uniqueness.  Another example might well be that even a very highly evolved person can be helped at times by those much less evolved; while there is a Joy for the contributions given by those who are more evolved.

The realization that "Love" is much more than an 'emotion'.    It is a state of recognition which involves being able to support the life unfoldment, life enhancement, indeed the life inspiration.... within another on all levels of their being: physically, emotionally, socially, mentally, and spiritually.  "Namaste' " starts to be lived internally and externally, rather than being held simply as an intellectual construct.

An increased capacity for the realization of Joy

"If a man could pass through Paradise in a dream and have a flower
presented to him as a pledge that his soul had really been there,
 and if he found that flower in his hand when he awoke --
                                                                                   Ay! and what then?"                       Samuel Coleridge

Join us and share the flower !