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An Invitation to the Future !!
Extraordinary Human Abilities

Different Cultures: Money, Sex & Power
Tahiti  &  China Lake Women

A REALITY CHECK on Living Costs & Normal Lifestyle
we might choose. It's designed primarily for youth who
are facing (often unrealistically because of advertising
and unconscious cultural pressures) living/work
choices right out of highschool; but it presents a
useful perspective for all of us on how the
traditional system works... or doesn't work !!

 New Book !!

 Gaviotas - An extraordinary community example
  U.N. Report: Climate Changes
 The Parent Trap
 Making Money
Spirituality & Community

One of our income activites:
Legal Software for Attorneys

 Thinking & Success for Everyone
 Other Community Links

            Some some of these "new" additions are "side notes", perhaps only slightly related to other material here; but seemingly fitting enough, stimulating enough to be worth while presenting.