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 The Mariposa Group is being reformed on some of the most beautiful and peaceful country land you can imagine in north-east Texas.  Most people's image of Texas is hot, dry, sandy and tumbleweeds.  But that's not the situation in the north east corner where we are located not far from the borders with Arkansas and Louisiana. The land here is a beautiful mix of slightly rolling hills, covered with green grass, pastures, forests, streams and lakes.  The air and water are clean.  The environment is peaceful and calm.  Often the most noise comes from the wind in the tree tops or from birds flying overheard.  It is a place where good friends can truly and joyfully celebrate life.


Often there is a gentle breeze blowing on the land.


Our Central Location

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Our Nationwide Network


We invite you to explore and build community with us.

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Big cities - concerts, museums,  plays, the arts -  People, people, people, all rushing, all consumed with theirs lives - missing so, so much - all of them are together yet so apart.

Local Culture

While some may think that a rural location such as our, may be lacking in culture; that is just not the case.  Click on the following link to see some of our rather amazing   Cultural Entries !

Rural life.  Beautiful open space - acres of waving grass, tall pine trees - wonderful clean air perfumed with honey suckle or by fresh cut hay.

I've lived in both the city and then the country;
                                       and I know where I've found peace in my heart.

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