Conscious Community - Relationship & Life Supportive

     This is a brief introduction to The Mariposa Group community, some of its values and some history.  The Mariposa Group originally was founded just outside of Los Angeles a number of years ago before we moved out of California.  It was based upon achieving three basic principles:


 1) Physical & Financial Security   for both the community and its members.   Essentially through joint enterprises creating more freedom from economic burdens so that more time and energy is available for us to truly enjoy life without worrying about the financial "bear" devouring us.
        What would it be like to have your own home completely paid for?

  2) Greater True Friendship & Intimacy   among the community members.  All relationships are supported from a place of commitment to both Love & Truth, in being all that they are desired to be in both form and depth.   Contrary to a lot of current expectations, relationships don't have to be stressful and/or conflicted.  They don't have to be "yelling matches".

Regarding deep friendships & relationships
Getting past this 
to this ! 


With groups of people ..... Our Community
Getting Past adversity                        to creating this  !

  "Away from Mindless competition"
Yes... true friendships !! 


     3) Greater Freedom for Personal Expression & Development   for each individual and the community as a whole.  This is founded upon a belief that life doesn't have to be drab, gloomy and full of tension  (in spite of the picture our larger culture gives us);  but rather can be truly be much more Joyful & Meaningful when we accomplish items 1) and 2).  This principle also values and supports the developement of each person's individual spiritually in whatever form and to whatever degree they desire.


    Our experience is that we humans tend to have "conflicts and troubles" in three major areas:
      a)     Safety, security & money.
      b)     Sensuality, sexuality and pleasure issues
      c)     Power, control & decision making.

       If these 3 areas are handled in such as to increase mutual understanding and reduce conflict; then there really isn't anything more for us to fight or disagree about.   As a matter of fact, if we successfully "handle" these 3 areas of interaction; life truly becomes a Joyful, creative celebration.   Sometimes this seems hard to believe given our larger culture, but it's true.  We have a "Community Building Process" which is extraordinary in eliminating conflict, building true friendship and real community.  We define "Real" community as a place, an environment where we can drop our "masks", truly be ourselves and be accepted and loved as ourselves.

A Self Awareness / Spiritual Practice is Encouraged

        Personal self awareness and centering is extremely important in the establishment of Real Community, as well is physical well being.  Healthy living, eating, exercise and self awareness practices such as yoga, contemplation, prayer, mediation and the seeking of one's own highest values; all are encouraged.


A Little More History

       Briefly back to the history of The Mariposa Group.  We went along for a number of years in L.A., going through ups and downs, and certainly learning from the experiences we were having.  Our membership also fluctuated and topped off at about 8 to 10 folks .  It was unfortunate, but we didn't have the full community building process available to us until very close to the end of the time there.  It might have made the difference between full success and the community essentially becoming dormant in the form of a few good friends maintaining contact.
       Los Angeles, as we also came to know, is about the worst place in the world to try to create community.  Its fast and hectic pace, along with a certain phoniness (Hollywood 'plastic' facade), combined with a tremendously exaggerated chasing after money ethic, and with very high real estate prices;  all combined to make true community creation very difficult if not impossible.  L.A. is a place where achieving that 1st principle mentioned above, of  "Physical & Financial Security"  is nearly impossible unless you sacrifice your entire life's energy to that process alone.
       Well we certainly learned from that experience and have taken the necessary steps to correct it.   The Mariposa Group is being reformed on some of the most beautiful and peaceful country land you can imagine in north-east Texas.  Most people's image of Texas is hot, dry, sandy and desert like.  But that's not the situation in the north east corner where we are located not far from the borders with Arkansas and Louisiana.The land here is a beautiful mix of slightly rolling hills, covered with green grass, pastures, forests, streams and lakes.  The air and water are clean.  The environment is peaceful and calm.  Often the most noise comes from the wind in the tree tops or from birds flying overheard.  It is a place where good friends can truly joyfully celebrate life.

       There are 11 acres of this land immediately available on which to start the community again.  While some of us are still in California, a house building project is in process right now.   An additional 10 acres are available immediately across the road for a very reasonable price.   It is an ideal place, with almost no zoning restrictions, on which to build a community.  It is a tremendous opportunity to start the successful resolution of item # 1) above, Physical & Financial Security.  Additionally the full Community Building Process is now in place as an integral part of the membership process.  Almost invariably people are deeply touched by this process and some will indeed call it 'spiritual' because of its depth.

Sustainability & Agriculture

        One acre of land here can produce crops in approximately the following quantities: 1,328 lbs of cotton, 14,000 lbs of corn, or 28,800 lbs of oranges.... just as an example.  Many other fruits and vegetable grow very easily here.


 The Mariposa Group is a "Real" community effort where each person
has an extraordinary opportunity to contribute to and be part of a creation which uplifts and improves
not only the quality of their own life, but also the quality of all the other lives around them.
And in the process of accomplishing both of these upliftments, we also provide a positive example to the rest of the world
of what a realistic 'next step' in personal and social development can be.

"Real" Community arises when individuals form a whole greater than the sum of its parts.  This requires long-term thinking
and learning, an emphasis on personal integrity, and a dedication to something larger than our narrowly defined selves.
"Real" community is 'Love made Manifest'.  It is a vibrant  "Yes .. to Life!" ... with Joy.

        If relationships based upon Love and Truth in our interactions appeal to you;  if a more financially secure and Joyful way of living appeal to you, then we invite you to inquire and to become involved:  Click here

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