Please copy,  paste, and fill in this form into your email inquiry to us so we can
get to know you a little better.  This gives all of us a better chance to see if
this would be a good fit for both you and us.  Many thanks and we look forward
to knowing more about you and what is important in community to you !

Mariposa Group Community
Questionnaire – Initial Inquiry
Today's Date  _______________

1. Name:

2. Contact information:
        a. Email address
        b. Phone number
        c. Postal address

3. Age:
        (You need to be at least age 18.  We welcome the entire adult age range.  What matters is how you can participate in
          community life.)

4. Gender:

5. Names and ages of others in your household who would live with you full time in the Mariposa Group community
    (children and adults – independent or dependent):  (Any non-dependent person age 18 and over should complete their
     own question-naire.)

6. How do you support yourself financially now?
    What ideas do you have for creating income for yourself when within the Mariposa Group community?

7.  If you decide to apply for membership, is there any reason (schooling, job, need to sell your home, etc.) why you could
     not immediately move to the Mariposa Group community?

8.  What do you consider your life purpose?  Personal goals in life now.?

9.  How does living in an intentional community in general appeal to you?

10.  Do you have past or present experience living in an intentional community (by whatever name, including cohousing,
       ecovillage, commune, etc.) or in another form of multi-adult living? If yes, describe and share some of your most valued
       learnings from your community experience.

11.  If a genie popped out of a bottle and granted you the privilege of living in your ideal intentional community,
       what would it be like? What qualities would it have?

12.   What about the Mariposa Group community specifically appeals to you?

13.   What would you reasonably expect your “greatest challenges” to be in successfully being part of a community?

14.   What would you like to see as the “greatest rewards” which would come out of your
        successful community involvement?

15.   What is your experience in participating in group decision-making?  What aspects are you comfortable and
        uncomfortable with in participating in meetings and decision-making?

16.  What skills and knowledge would you bring to Mariposa Group community?
         (Think broadly here: gardening; animal husbandry; carpentry; brick-laying;     electrical work; plumbing; teaching children or adults; child-care; cooking;     nutrition; sewing; spinning; weaving; blacksmithing; leather-working;     wood    working, pottery, quilt-making; soap-making; candle-making; bee-keeping;     counseling or therapy; law; bookkeeping; writing; computer skills; leading     meetings; photography; music; foreign languages; whatever else.)

17.  What types of activities do you enjoy during leisure time or play time?

18.  For you, what is a healthy lifestyle?

19.  What types of involvements do you anticipate having outside the Mariposa Group community?

20.  About how much alcohol to you typically consume per week?  Do you enjoy alcohol?  How much? How often?

21.  Do you now use any illegal drugs, including marijuana (without state licensing)?

Thank you !!  We appreciate the time & energy
it took to comtemplate and answer these questions.
In our experience, this pays off quite well in all of us
creating & having the very best sort of community life.

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