"Bending Reality"

An introduction to "Creating what you will " far, far outside of the norm.


Personally experience "Spoon Bending" (among other things)

An afternoon workshop with Eric N. Best, Ph.D.   903/799-6161


      Consider the five year old child with all of her/his incredibly rapid movement into life.  The natural enthusiasm.  The curiosity.  The energy.  The exploration.  The day to day, perhaps almost minute to minute, discovery of new things in their "five year old" world.  Normally (and hopefully) s/he is in a very protective and loving environment provided by nurturing parents, which results in very little fear being present for her.  The result:  A tremendous rush forward into life with one of the fastest learning rates we normally ever have.   Now a question!   "What would it be like if.... what would happen if this rapid, free from fear, learning continued not only through out the child and teen years, but also into and throughout adulthood?!"

        I have seen one potential answer to this question to be the development of  "Extraordinary Human Abilities".  These can be in more traditional areas such as an excellence in mathematics, athletics, science, teaching, music, artistic expression, invention, parenting, business and so on.  There are other non-traditional abilities, which seem to be latent in almost all of us, that also can come out.  Various labels have been given to them before, such as:  telepathy, healing energy, clairvoyance, psychic energy, spiritual energy, and so on.  Ironically modern science which many would think would be in a strong dismissal of such things, has started to investigate these phenomena and generated some new labels for our old, latent abilities.  Remote viewing, psychokinesis, mental resonance, hemispherical synchronization, etc. are some of the new labels.  The abilities are the same.   They have been there for a long time, just waiting for us to discover them.

Part I.     .An Introduction to & First Sampling of
  ../                 Extraordinary Human Abilities

        Here Eric will present an overview of Extraordinary Human Abilities, some of the scientific research done on them, along with some of the conditions which promote the development of these abilities.   We will explore the concepts behind and the practice of such things as "hands on healing energy", FireWalking, clairvoyance / remote viewing, telepathy and particularly for this session, the actual experience of psychokinesis via "spoon bending".

        In this session you will get the chance to actually experience your own ability to project energy in such a way as to influence material objects such as 'commanding spoons to bend' and moving objects without touching them.  For this session you will need to bring some materials with you to the workshop.  Ordinary string, strong enough such that you could use it for say securely wrapping a package to be mailed.   Bring at least 3 yards of such string and a pair of small scissors to cut it.   Also bring three (3) nuts & bolts from your local hardware store.  You need to make these be small to moderately sized nuts & bolts:  for example a 1/4 to 3/8 inch diameter bolt that is about 2 inches long and a nut to go on each bolt.

        "Spoon Bending":  If you have some old silver plate silverware (the sort of stuff used back in the 1940's before stainless steel was around) which you can be ok with "bending", bring it.  It is some of the best for easily learning how to spoon bend.  But don't worry if you don't have it.  Stainless steel will work quite fine.   Bring at least 3 regular forks and 3 teaspoons for each person. [ No knives please!]  After you bend them, you may feel more ambitious.  So you might consider bringing one or two heavier items such as a table spoon and/or a foot and a half length of say 3/8 to 1/2 inch diameter solid aluminum rod (available from your local hardware store).  Heavy duty plastic cooking utensils can also be interesting.

Bring an open mind, a "5 year old's" curiosity, and be willing to have fun!

(There will be a 20 to 25 minute break between Part's I & II.)

Part II.       ,Further into  Extraordinary Human Abilities

          Having sampled what's possible with spoon bending, in this session we will go further with explorations into remote viewing, telepathy and hands on energy sensing / healing and exchange.    While there will be a brief question and answer period about what happened in the last session, along with a very brief conceptual presentation on how to integrate new learning's; this session will be much more interactive among the participants and lead by your own desires for exploration.  While you might bring some still unbent silverware if you wish, there is nothing you have to bring for this session except your own openness to experience something new, to learn, and perhaps to be amazed.

A brief biography:    Eric N. Best, Ph.D.

        Eric  is a unique combination of psychologist, scientist, and spiritual explorer.   His doctorate from Purdue University is an Interdisciplinary one with elements of psychology, sociology, guidance & counseling, along with advanced mathematics & statistics, general systems theory and doing research in mathematical biology.  He is a published scientist and worked as a consultant for 13 years to the nation's first and perhaps premier "think tank", The RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, CA.  He also teaches 'Corporate Community Building' skills in the business world.

        While in graduate school he learned meditation and started what would become a 33 plus year meditation practice, leading him deeply into a number of spiritual explorations and discoveries.  Out of these would come his own teaching of meditation, along with teaching FireWalking, psychokinesis (e.g. "spoon bending"), remote viewing / clairvoyance, and bodily energy sensing/healing.  Most importantly out of all of this came an understanding / vision that the creation of "Real" Community  -  a truly life supportive & integrative environment  -  is what is most needed now in this country.

He is the author of   TOUCHING YOUR SOUL - The Path to Healing & Joy.

Eric N. Best, Ph.D.
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Spiritually Speaking ....  Bending Reality

and even more !!

"If a man could pass through Paradise in a dream and have a flower
presented to him as a pledge that his soul had really been there,
and if  he found that flower in his hand when he awoke --
Ay!  and what then?"
                                                               Samuel Coleridge

In addition to bent spoons, perhaps
there can be a new "flower" presented to you !!