Creating the Conscious, Loving & Evolving Culture
We Now Know is Possible !
2nd Tier Culture/Community

Paul Tillich, Ph.D., a renowned theologian of 50 years ago, once commented,

     "What we call the Renaissance was
                        participated in by about one thousand people."

        The Renaissance was an influential cultural movement which brought about a period of scientific revolution, religious reform and artistic transformation, at the dawn of modern European history. What a jolting thought .... only a 1000 people out of several million, but evolutionary endeavors often start in exactly that fashion, with a small number of evolved souls exploring new territories of culture and consciousness.

      .From perhaps a slightly different perspective, the renowned cultural anthropologist, Margaret Mead, came to a very similar conclusion.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
        Now, like never before, it is possible to find other not only like-minded people, but to find other highly evolved Souls (with new abilities) with whom to connect to bring about a new Renaissance.   Of course the web & internet are the great facilitating tools enabling this initial connection.

        After the enhanced connection available through this web pathway, the creativity and synergy of our meeting in person, in real life ...
"Real"  community; brings forth an extraordinary power and opportunity for "Renaissance" .... like has never existed before.

        Now there is an opportunity with consciously combining Love, Truth & Personal Integrity to address the basic needs of life in such a successful manner, that the result is to rise above the clouds and confusion of turmoil so often present in contemporary daily life, and approach and enjoy life with a radiantly clear peacefulness and Joy.

        "Real" community is the premier vehicle for this journey into enlightened evolution, into a new Renaissance and Joy. This is what our GateWay to Community program provides. If your Soul calls out for a higher expression for you, for a more honest, loving and creative way of living; I invite you to inquire and attend the next step into creating much more of the world you wish to exist and to live within.

In Love,    Eric

Eric N. Best, Ph.D.
The Mariposa Group Community

GateWay to Community

        Imagine an integrated lifestyle expressing all our dimensions...  physical, social / emotional, intellectual and spiritual... in a way which is not only healing, but also supportive and indeed inspiring of the highest aspects of you.  Imagine a way of being which encompasses not only intellect, not only spiritual practice, but also architecture, finances, eating, drinking, dancing, relationships, marriage, all around health, and community.... and it does it successfully!!

Think of this path as being a journey from bondage & fear into love.
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GateWay to Community