Local Cultural Events

        Amazingly there is a strong and growing local culture for the fine arts here.   Shreveport, which is only 55 miles away, has a first class live theater with plays and musicals, along with a civic center offering very good annual symphony programs.

        Cass county where we are located in N.E. Texas, has the "Cass County Performing Arts" committee which brings in talent from across the nation for various programs.  As one recent example, here is the program cover for "John Two Hawks", an extraordinary Native American flutist who had just finishing playing in Finland for a 12,000 person audience before he came for his presentation here.


And only some 30 miles away in Texarkana, the regional arts & humanities council pulls in artistic performances from across the nation.

What an extraordinary opportunity  ---  rural, natural
peaceness... along with first class, cultural performances !!

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