T H E   M A R I P O S A   G R O U P
Relationship Supportive
Intentional CoHousing style Conscious Community
In Short...  living in such a way that we bring more
JOY into our lives and into the world !!
We make a positive difference.

The Mariposa Group combines the best of CoHousing along with the best from Intentional community efforts to provide a stable,
uplifting and joyful living environment based upon financial & environmental stability, love, truth and deep friendship among its members.
It is a place where "Real" community can be lived successfully across all levels of life.
Life here is interesting, fun, active and healthy --  physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Live next door to friends who make your life easier and more enriching!
Once we learn to live together, we cannot live alone.
Real community.... our natural 'social ecology' !!

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